Monday, November 19

What I'm eating: going back to my childhood with instant noodles

As a child, I pretty much lived on instant noodles. Sure they taste cheap and have zero nutrition but hey, that's what kids find appealing isn't it? However, being the picky eater I was, I only ate one brand and flavour of instant noodles, Maggi Oriental flavour.

My mum always cooked them slightly differently to the instructions on the packet, to give them more flavour. First she'd boil the noodles in a saucepan, when they were done she'd drain them and put them in the bowl. Next, she'd sprinkle the flavoured powder over the top and mix it in. It probably sounds gross but it's the only way to eat instant noodles.

So lately I've had a hankerin' for some instant noodles, it was more like an obsessive craving actually. While in the supermarket, I picked up a packet of Maggi Oriental noodles, vegan! Huzzah! Into the trolley they went, and very soon after that, into my belly. They've been such a good snack to have around the house, especially for those times on the weekend when you have a late breakfast and start getting hungry around 3pm, but you know you'll be having dinner in 3 hours time.

So thank you Maggi for creating vegan noodles that are delicious in their own cheap, crappy, MSG way. You are awesome.

Happy eating! :)

Saturday, November 10

Would you go vegan with Ellen?

Hello everyone!

I've just learnt that Ellen DeGeneres now has a vegan website. Well, it's got her name on it anyway. Going vegan with Ellen is an offshoot site to As well as reasons to become vegan, the site also has lots of tasty recipes to check out.

It seems that Ellen is becoming a voice for veganism to the wider public (and good on her!), interviewing celebrity vegans, promoting 'no meat Mondays', and her show (and website) are currently following a family of 5 doing a vegan challenge. This is really good to see, changes are happening in the world people, changes are happening!

Happy eating! :)