Friday, October 19

What I'm eating: maccas for breakfast

Today we went to McDonald's for breakfast. "McDonald's?!" you say? Yes, there is vegan food to be found there! I'm sure there are plenty of vegans that don't eat there because, let's face it, they're an evil corporation perpetuating the unethical treatment of animals, but so are most restaurants. I still go to restaurants, I just purchase their vegan options. So it is with McDonald's. Cheeseburgers with no meat and no cheese are a favourite of mine.

"So what did you eat?" I hear you asking. Two hash browns, two McMuffins with strawberry jam, and an 'orange juice' (I highly doubt the credibility of this claim). It was delicious and a nice treat. I have to say I never lost the childhood excitement of having McDonald's for breakfast!

Happy eating! :)

Summery Tropical Smoothie

Having just purchased a blender, I have been experimenting with smoothies. This is one that I invented and absolutely love. It's the perfect drink for the upcoming summer evenings.

Serves 1

Flesh of 1 mango
1/2 frozen banana
Flesh of 1 passion fruit
100-150ml natural orange juice (I use Nudie Nothing But 21 Oranges Juice with Pulp)
A few scoops of soy vanilla ice-cream (I use Sanitarium So Good)

1. Put all ingredients into a blender.

2. Blend.

3. Drink.


Happy drinking! :)

Little Bit Fancy Tomato Soup Recipe

Let's face it, sometimes times are tough. During these times, Heinz Big Red Tomato Soup has always been there for me. Cheap, satisfying, and yummy with toast, it's all a financially challenged vegan can ask for. Despite the fact that you can make a creamy version (just add 1/2 tin soy milk and 1/2 tin water, rather than 1 tin water), and sometimes I add pasta to spice it up (dinosaur shapes are a favourite), it can begin to get a little boring after a while. Enter the Little Bit Fancy Tomato Soup.

I actually stole this idea from one of my workplaces, a child care centre, and it has become Jeff's favourite way to have tomato soup.

Serves 2

1 tin Heinz Big Red Condensed Tomato Soup
1 tin crushed tomatoes
Couple of handfuls of basil, roughly chopped
2 tomatoes, diced (optional)

1. Combine condensed soup and 1 tin water, as directed on soup tin, in a saucepan over medium heat.

2. Add tinned tomatoes and diced fresh tomatoes (optional). Bring to the boil.

3. Remove from heat and stir in basil. Serve.

Getting bored of buttered toast? For something more interesting you could rub the toast with a peeled garlic clove to make crunchy garlic toast.

Happy eating! :)

What I'm eating: cheatin' burritos

Burritos have to be one of the best foods. We love them in our house and this is the quick and easy way we make them.

Cheat #1: We use Old El Paso burrito kits. If you can buy a kit, why not?

Cheat #2: We often use baked beans. Just heat them in a saucepan, mix in the seasoning powder and add a little water if they appear too dry.

Cheat #3: We use microwave rice. Microwave rice sachets are a convenience, take advantage of them! Though they sound gross, the rice actually cooks awesomely, it only takes 2 minutes, and you don't have any dishes to wash. Don't go for a cheap brand though, you're only asking for trouble.

Then we top with the salsa from the kit, tinned corn, shredded lettuce, tomato, capsicum, and sometimes avocado. Doesn't really get much easier than that.

Happy eating! :)

What I'm eating: creamy pasta bake

Shortly before I went vegan, a friend shared with me her easy pasta bake recipe: Continental packet side pasta, peas, corn, and bread crumbs. Unfortunately all of the packet side pastas have dairy in them. So I decided to create my own.

Loosely basing my method on the creamy fettuccine recipe, I made a creamy soy milk sauce to which I added salt and lots of pepper. I then combined this with the cooked pasta, peas, and corn, popped it in an oven dish and topped with bread crumbs. It looked delicious.

It also tasted delicious, though I want to experiment with dried yeast flakes or vegan cream cheese to try and give it a bit more of a cheesy flavour. It doesn't really need it though. I would post a recipe for this lovely meal but I got so wrapped up in my creation that I didn't really take much notice of things like how much soy milk I was using. Next time I'll take notice and post a recipe. For now, here's a picture to drool over. Mmm...

Happy eating :)