Little Vegan Family

Meet the other members of the Little Vegan Family!


Christian's full name is Christian Hardcastle which a knowledgeable pro wrestling fan might notice is a reference to one of the greatest WWE tag teams of all time (and now I have been outed as a wrestling fan...). However, Christian is a lover not a fighter. He came to the little vegan family in September 2013 as a rescue in very bad condition after years of well-meaning but poor husbandry. After initial serious illness, Christian has made a great recovery and enjoys spending his time basking, napping, gorging himself on an unbelievable amount of aquatic plants (that SOMEBODY has to keep stocked up), and begging for food. He is the ultimate opportunist and the captain of charisma.

The Fish AKA 'Fishies'

The Fish were originally given to me in October 2013 as food for Christian, but I just couldn't bear to let them be eaten alive, and so they now live safe and peaceful lives. These beautiful guppies enjoy showing off their fins, maintaining social order, and eating all the plants in their tank. They know my face and voice and get very excited when they see or hear me, which is very sweet even if they do only love me for my food.

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