Places I love to eat in Adelaide

I think it goes without saying that all opening times are correct at the time of writing. After that though, times may change so ring ahead and check or use the people's friend, Google.

Cherry Darlings Bakehouse (Vegan)
5a Aroha Terrace, Forestville
Tues-Sat 9:30-4:30

Have you ever seen that photo circulating the internet of the possum who broke into a bakery and ate so many pastries it couldn't move? That is me when I go to Cherry Darlings. Not only is this bakery entirely vegan, it is also entirely delicious. You will find a whole range of goodies here, from cupcakes to slices to pies and pasties, as well as lots of drinks. They also make an amazing range of doughnuts that are to die for! The other thing I love about this place is the decor and artwork, referencing all things retro, kitsch, and pop culture, including pro wrestling, yay! My top picks to delight your mouth? The snickers doughnut, vanilla slice, and cheeseburger pie. And the milkshakes. Mmm, that cheeseburger pie...

Red Lime Shack (Vegan food - vegetarian drinks option)
158 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide
Breakfast and Lunch every day

Red Lime Shack made a bold move for a vegan cafe. They make their drinks with dairy milk unless you ask for soy. Apparently this angered some members of the vegan community. So why did they decide to do it? Because "we are positioned directly opposite the offices of one of the largest council areas in the state.... in order to coax the council workers, and the non-vegan public in general, to experience a revolutionary relationship with food, we need to ensure they have the option to drink coffee in the way they are used to". I support this. Most people think vegan food is weird. Most people are afraid of veganism. It is not until they are exposed to it a few times that they go hey, you know what? This vegan thing isn't bad at all! You can't change people's opinions by excluding them. The milk used by Red Lime Shack is of the Paris Creek variety, apparently leading the way in ethical dairy farming (I know, I know, is there such a thing?) and owned by vegetarians. Anyway, don't fret, just ask for soy milk if you're vegan. The food is all vegan and raw vegans are well catered for too. I haven't eaten a single thing there that hasn't made me go "Dear lord this is delicious!" The cafe also has regular live music and open mic events.

Two-bit Villains (Vegetarian - vegan friendly)
Shop 128 & 130, Balcony Level, Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide
Sun & Mon 11:30am-3pm, Tues & Wed 11:30am-5pm,Thurs 11:30am-7pm, Friday 11:30am-9pm, Sat 11:30am-5pm

This awesome eatery doubles as a rockabilly boutique and has lots of style and charm. Their range of homemade sodas are great and they provide lots of snack-type foods and light lunches. Almost everything on their menu can be made vegan. If you like home style American eats and kustom kulture, then this place is for you. Revisit your childhood and try a soda float.

Sarah's Sister's Sustainable Cafe (Vegetarian - vegan friendly)
117 Semaphore Road, Semaphore
Breakfast and lunch every day, dinner Fri

Located next to a garden shop and with a view out over their neighbour's pond and garden, Sarah's Sister's has got to be one of my favourite places to eat in the world. The food is always amazing, the staff are fabulous, and every effort is made to ensure that everything about the place is local and sustainable. Vegan? No problem, just tell them when you make your booking (I have done this at 2:30pm when making dinner reservations for that night and it was no problem). The food is mostly French or Vietnamese inspired and while there are some set dishes on the menu, mostly you choose how many courses you want and it's chef's choice. This adds great excitement and mystery to the meal and I assure you, you'll never be disappointed. I recommend the degustation for $45pp, a soup, 2 hot dishes, a salad, and dessert.

Vego n Lovin It (Vegetarian - vegan friendly)
Level 1, 240 Rundle Street, Adelaide
Lunch Mon-Fri

Now this is a tiny place with a big personality. A stereotypical vegetarian restaurant full of art, mismatched chairs, quirky people, and lentil burgers. Lots of vegan options and the serves are large, there's a reason they offer half-burgers. It's also the kind of food that leaves you feeling healthy and energetic after eating, rather than sluggish and yuck. That's a good thing. Not a place to go if you're in a hurry though, the staff are lovely but very laid back.

Vegetarian Garden (Vegan)
Shop 12, Renaissance Arcade, Adelaide
Lunch Mon-Sat

A little Asian eatery in a food court area, Vegetarian Garden is the haunt of many a poverty-stricken uni student. While there is an extensive menu board, I always go for the food behind the glass at the front - at $7.50 for 3 choices plus rice or noodles, who wouldn't? Their spring rolls are also amazing.

Pure Vegetarian (Vegan)
Shop 8, Market Plaza Food Court, Adelaide Central Markets, Adelaide
Lunch Mon-Sat, dinner Fri until 9pm

Very like Vegetarian Garden (I suspect they may be owned by the same people), this place also has the most delicious soy milk, and a sago dessert that looks like radioactive waste but tastes like awesome. Honestly, I have no idea where they get their soy milk from but it is amazing. I have also dreamed about the sago pudding. Mmmm...

Zenhouse Tea Corner (Vegetarian - vegan friendly)
17/13-19 Bent Street, Adelaide
Lunch every day and dinner Mon-Sat (until 8:30pm Mon-Fri, and 9pm Sat)

This yum-cha and tea house is more vegan than vegetarian, with vegetarian options rather than vegan options. With the usual yum-cha delights, a range of Western food including burgers and the best chicken nuggets you've ever had in your life, Zenhouse is always buzzing with customers. Being a tea house, there is also a very large selection of teas. Go figure.

Joy Discovery (Vegetarian - vegan friendly)
13 Bent Street, Adelaide
Breakfast and Lunch Mon-Sat

Joy Discovery is a kind of odd place. It is "owned and operated by students of spiritual master, Sri Chinmoy" who, for all my research, appears to be some kind of cult leader and artist. The restaurant is adorned with his 'artworks' (mostly dots and lines resembling birds... and each other), and a TV screen plays a DVD of him painting to meditative sort of music. Don't let that put you off! Strange as it is, Joy Discovery has beautiful food, including great Indian curries and the best hot dogs in Adelaide, and lovely staff. There are lots of vegan desserts and most mains are vegan or can be made vegan. I find eating there really relaxing and peaceful. Every table also has a little stand of cards with quotes from Sri Chinmoy. Whenever I go there, I take a card and see it as something I should keep in mind for that day.

Bliss Organic Cafe (Vegan)
7 Compton Street, Adelaide
Lunch Mon-Sat, breakfast on Sat

Another very stereotypical vegan restaurant, Bliss organic cafe is big in organic (obviously), fair trade, hemp, and hippies. Yay! My kind of place! As well as preparing food, Bliss also acts as a little grocery store, selling foods from fair trade vegan chocolate, to vegan chicken slices. The outdoor eating area is lovely, I wish it was my back yard. The burgers are great, so is the tofu scramble. Don't be afraid of it. Raw vegans can also find something to eat here. Sitting in Bliss Organic Cafe always gets me looking around and dreaming of a time when I am older and have enough money to buy hand made and organic, nay, grow organic! In my large permaculture garden. In my small, artistic, hippie neighbourhood. With chooks. And a mischievous yet adorable dog. And a grotty, long-haired son called River...sigh. Why am I not at Bliss Organic Cafe right now?

Godzilla Pizza (vegan-friendly)
542 Brighton Road, South Brighton
Dinner Tues-Sat (take-away)

Are you hankerin' for a cheesy meatlovers pizza without the cheese or meat-loving? Don't worry, Godzilla Pizza is here! This regular pizza shop is not so regular, any pizza on the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan thanks to the wondrous world of mock meats and vegan cheese. It's a wonderful world we live in. I honestly don't know why more places don't do this, I think Godzilla Pizza is the first of what will become many. Anyway, the pizzas. They are divine! Definitely worth the drive from wherever you live! Vegan desserts are also available. However, for the nit-picky vegans, yes, I believe that the vegan food is prepared in the same ovens etc as the meaty pizzas. But as I said about Red Lime Shack, you won't change people's opinions by excluding or alienating them. Godzilla Pizza is doing a great thing for the veg*n community, servicing and promoting. Go Godzilla Pizza!

Burp Burrito (vegan-friendly)
Many locations around Adelaide
Opening times depend on the store

Burp Burrito make yummy, healthy, fast food. They also make vegan fast food.  Of the Mexican variety. I am a regular customer there. Need I say more?

Hypnothaized (vegan-friendly)
43 Henley Beach Road, Henley Beach South
Dinner Tues-Sat

Looking for somewhere a little bit fancy to go out for dinner? Hypnothaized is the place. Think patterned wallpaper, mirrors, chandeliers and a great bar. If you didn't guess from the name, the cuisine is Thai inspired. Try the crispy eggplant, it's amazing. One word of advice though, book ahead because it is very popular.

Mekong Thai (vegan friendly)
68 Hindley Street, Adelaide
Dinner every day, lunch Mon-Fri (until 3pm)

I am hungry just thinking about this place! While there are no labelled vegan options on the menu, there are lots of vegetarian options which can be made vegan if you ask. The staff are great and very knowledgeable, twice when I have asked for something "but without the egg" the waitress replied "would you like that made vegan?" The service is also very fast and the prices are really good, and you get a lot of food! There is a lot of seating available but at night Mekong gets very busy so if you have your heart set on going there, best to make a reservation.

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