Saturday, June 30

Friday 29 June 2012

Aaand of course there's technical difficulties on the first post back! Well, for some reason blogger won't recognize that my photos are photos so I'll just have to describe what I ate, no time to draw!

A bowl of Lowan Wholefoods Swiss Musli (to which I added some chia seeds) with soy milk, and a glass of orange juice.

A bowl of Amy's Lentil Soup which as I have said before, looks like vomit but tastes like awesome. Get on it.

2 1/2 hot dogs with fried onions and mustard. We used Sanitarium Rosemary and Sage sausages and normal hot dog rolls from Woolworths.

A cup of decaf tea with soy milk and an apple. Also some Glucojel jelly beans and some leftover pasta salad from the local fish and chip shop. As far as I can tell this is vegan.

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