Saturday, February 21

Goodbye sweet Alex

Yesterday was a very sad day. Today is sad too. Yesterday the little vegan family had to say goodbye to one of its members, dear elderly Alex.

Alex had grown slow of late, and tired, and forgetful. The sun was setting on his life and mostly he wiled away this twilight time sleeping and eating. This is the last photo I took of Alex, just a couple of days before he died. He looks old. So very old.

Then yesterday I knew that something was very wrong. Alex was sick. Alex was dying. My work colleagues very kindly gave me the day off at a moment's notice, and an appointment was scheduled with the vet.

Alex was relaxed. He was peaceful. He was ready. He welcomed death's embrace. And a piece of my heart broke, never to be healed. The piece that belonged to Alex.

Goodbye my hairless, neurotic friend. The house is quiet and empty without you. I miss you, and love you, always.

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