Saturday, August 18


Hi everyone!

I have decided to take this blog in a new direction. Mostly due to the fact that I work full-time and study part-time (work that one out!) I am finding it increasingly difficult to make a post each day.

After some time away from the blog to think, I have decided that instead of posting photos of everything I eat (there's only so many times you can show vegemite on toast before it gets REALLY boring) I will instead only blog about interesting/new things that I eat. I know that the recipe posts are always a big hit so I'm going to focus more on tasty recipes as well as discussing vegan living in general.

I am sad to see the old So Do You Just, Like, Eat Salad? go though :( I think it was a great way to show people that being vegan doesn't mean eating freaky foods like tofu on toast for breakfast. I really wanted to show that being vegan is such an easy lifestyle to maintain and absolutely doesn't mean 'missing out'! If anything, I think I have gained more through my journey towards being vegan than I have lost.

However, at the moment it's just not practical as I don't have the time to make daily posts. I don't want to let readers down by having them visit the blog only to find that nothing has changed or the posts are late, etc. Maybe in the future a sister blog will be born where I can share the day to day reality of living vegan, I hope so.

For now though, be prepared for some delicious recipes; and the great thing about vegan recipes is that you can enjoy them even if you're not vegan! Hey, you might even realise that vegans have great taste and... become one of us *spooky staring eyes*. Of course there will also still be lots of food for thought postings as well!

So, happy reading and, as always, happy eating! :)

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