Sunday, January 27

What I'm eating: Linda McCartney sausage rolls

As mentioned in my last post, for Christmas I received a voucher for The Cruelty Free Shop. One of the things we bought with that voucher was Linda McCartney sausage rolls. Being a massive, bordering-on-obsessive fan of Linda McCartney country pies (as mentioned in this post and this post), I had high hopes for this product.

I was not let down.

All I can say is yuuuuuuuummm! Yum yum yum yum yum! Mouthgasm.

I actually did a little happy dance while sitting on the lounge eating these and watching Chuck. They are that good.

As good as the country pies? Hmmm... maybe not. But sausage rolls are never as good as pies are they? These are the perfect sausage rolls. Serve them up to even the fussiest meat eaters (children) and I bet they will love them too.

I wish I had more right now. I'd have them for breakfast.

Having now tried more than one product, I can safely say that Linda McCartney goes down on this blog as a Cool Company!

Happy eating! :)

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