Monday, February 17

Superheroes and the vegan lifestyle

My partner, Jeff, is a big comic book fan, Spider-man being the absolute favourite. While sitting on the lounge last night, I had a sudden realization; that one of the most famous quotes from the Spider-man comics, the creed that he lives by if you will, 'With great power comes great responsibility', is a very vegan message.

When one has the power to extinguish life and cause pain, one also has the responsibility to protect that life. When one has the ability to recognize and avoid actions that cause pain and suffering to others, one has the responsibility to do so.

Believing that I couldn't possibly be the first person to notice the parallels between the messages of Spider-man and the vegan lifestyle, I took to the internet and found Go vegan save the world: 8 similarities between animal rights activists and superheroes by Vegan Rabbit. This essay makes for an interesting and engaging read, especially if you have children who love superheroes (as I'm sure ours will!), and could lead to some great discussions with children.

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  1. I can totally see the parallels - will check out the article!


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