Friday, April 4

Pink milk smoothie

If you've ever seen Charlie and Lola or read the books, you'll know that pink milk is very very special. Unlike normal pink milk though, this yummy smoothie is also very healthy.

Serves 1

1 banana
handful of fresh raspberries
1-2 handfuls of strawberries
4 tbsp coconut yoghurt (I use Coyo brand)
Amber agave syrup (to taste)
250ml soy milk

1. Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

2. Take in that pink milk deliciousness.

Happy drinking :)


  1. Oh yum that sounds like a delicious combo! We love Charlie and Lola at our place :)

    1. Charlie and Lola is my favourite and my best

  2. I'm growing both strawberries and raspberries this year, so hopefully this drink will cool me down come summer time.


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