Tuesday, March 3


About 7 months ago I started running. I started by walking 200m, then running 100m, then walking another 200m and so on. When I first started, I could only do this 3 times before I was exhausted and had to walk the rest of the way. After a while I could do the cycle 5 times, and then I slowly built up the running parts until I could run more and more.

Running has helped me to achieve so many goals that I have set for myself, and it gives me such a sense of achievement and pride in myself. Recently I achieved my goal of running 5km without stopping (I actually ran 6km). This was me right after I achieved that goal, looking hot (it was 7:45am and already 30 degrees) but very proud and happy.

I have a favourite place to run, it's along a river, right at the end where it comes out into the sea. It is a really beautiful place. It's in the middle of a city and yet the land surrounding the mouth of the river is full of horses. Further upstream the land has been returned to its natural wetland state, which is really beautiful.

I like to run in the early mornings so I get to see some beautiful sunrises while running along this river.

I love the smell of horses in the morning! So relaxing, you can forget that you are in the middle of a built-up city here. Here you can just let go, and be.

The wetlands smell amazing too. Like water, and bark, and dirt, and life.

The wetlands are also home to a large number of native birds, which is great to see. On my last run I counted 20 species, including herons, spoonbills, pelicans, ibis, swallows, ducks, and a variety of parrots and insect and nectar feeders. The only ones brave enough to get close enough for a photo though were these moor hens. I also took a dodgy picture of some native swans to show you all, as Australian swans are black, and I know that this is an oddity in the rest of the world! You can see them down in the river in the bottom picture, with a spoonbill in the background on the right, and a group of cockatoos in the centre background.

During my runs, I run up the river, and then turn around and come back down to where it runs out to sea. This is the sight that greets me when I get there.

When I'm done, I sit down on a bench, have a big drink and some breakfast, and enjoy that post-run high. No drug could ever compare to that amazing feeling! Plus, how can you not feel alive when you're eating your breakfast with this view for company?

I used to loathe exercise, now I love it. I love running. I love this place, I love where I live, I love being alive!

Happy living! :)

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  1. You are a breath of fresh air!! I am finding a strong connection with you :-) I am 30something mom of 2 toddlers and 1 pooch! I have recently started running, and now proudly run 5k without a break, and I feel exactly like you!!


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