Sunday, March 29

A change is in the air...

There has been a change. While I used to be woken by the dazzling golden glow of sunlight streaming in to the bedroom, I now awake to the cold grey light of Autumn. The bedroom window is foggy when I open the blinds, and the mornings carry with them a crispness that turns your mind to scarves, warm cups of tea, and hot breakfasts. Warm breakfasts are something that I have been enjoying lately, slow, sleepy, cozy ones that entice me out of my snuggly bed cocoon on these chilly mornings.

A favourite that I have been enjoying is semolina topped with fresh fruit. I got the recipe here, from the lovely Kate over at No Meat and Three Veg. I halved the amount of sugar as I preferred it with a milder sweetness, and doubled the serving size, because I eat a lot! I just honestly can't get enough of warm semolina right now!

Another warm breakfast that I have been enjoying is porridge topped with amber agave syrup. This is a simple yet underrated breakfast. So warm, comforting, and filling, it's always a great start to my busy days.

Big cups of warm herbal teas have also been making an appearance at my breakfast table of late. I absolutely love this huge cup, its happy yellowness brings so much joy to my soul. I'm sipping from it right now as I type, and my steaming tea is enveloping me in a warm embrace from the inside out. Just what you need during these grey Autumn days.

Happy living! :)

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  1. Glad you like the semolina! It's such a nostalgic food for me, my mum used to make it for me. My kids love it too :) love the look of your porridge too! Love these comforting foods in autumn :)


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