Monday, April 6

An extra special Easter

This year Easter Sunday was extra special as it was also my sister's birthday. I was making her a pair of pyjama pants for her birthday but then I realised I'd cut the patter out with the fabric print upside down! Disaster! Being the Easter long weekend, I couldn't go and buy more fabric, so I cut up my mess and made this cushion for her instead. When the shops open again I'll buy some more fabric and then she can have a matching cushion and pyjama set! There was also enough fabric left over from making the cushion to make one for me, so that was nice. Silver linings!

Because I am really good, Easter Bunny still visits me every year. So on Easter morning I drove to my mum's house and after we did birthday presents for my sister, we had out Easter egg hunts! Easter Bunny leaves cryptic clues all around the place that you have to work out in order to find your eggs. It is a lot of fun and it makes you work for it!

After being stuck for a while on a few tricky clues, I eventually found my present (with the help of a few clues). I received this beautiful basket full of lots of chocolate, a toy, two candles, and four handmade stuffed carrots made by Easter Bunny *cough* mum *cough*. It was such a lovely and touching gift, I felt very special and loved.

For breakfast I had these warm hot cross buns, homemade by my lovely mother. They were excellent.

For her birthday, my sister wanted to go to a conservation and wildlife park in the Adelaide Hills. My highlight of the day was getting a cuddle with this beautiful Stimson's python. He had the cutest face and big puppy dog eyes. Absolutely heart-melting!

However, we spent most of our time feeding kangaroos, which never gets old. I loved the attitude of this male red kangaroo. Lounging around like a king and expecting his slaves (us) to come to him and feed him until he was satisfied. You also can't help but marvel at the sheer muscular power of these animals. Look at those arm and chest muscles! For all of my international readers, these male kangaroos are easily as tall as human men, this one's tail was as thick as my thigh. When you are around animals of this power, you really respect that they are in control and you feel very privileged when they choose to interact with you.

Mostly though, they like sleeping in the sun.

Well, ok, they like eating a lot as well!

Look at those beautiful eyes!

This young male was also very interested in my phone and the clicking sounds it was making!

I included this koala photo especially for you international readers, I know how you all love koalas!

We also arrived at the dingo enclosure just in time for the keeper talk and feeding, which was great. Dingoes are such great animals, it is so sad that they are so misunderstood and hated by farmers, just as their wolf brothers are elsewhere.

All in all, a lovely day spent outside feeding animals and eating chocolate.

Happy Easter :)

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