Friday, October 19

What I'm eating: cheatin' burritos

Burritos have to be one of the best foods. We love them in our house and this is the quick and easy way we make them.

Cheat #1: We use Old El Paso burrito kits. If you can buy a kit, why not?

Cheat #2: We often use baked beans. Just heat them in a saucepan, mix in the seasoning powder and add a little water if they appear too dry.

Cheat #3: We use microwave rice. Microwave rice sachets are a convenience, take advantage of them! Though they sound gross, the rice actually cooks awesomely, it only takes 2 minutes, and you don't have any dishes to wash. Don't go for a cheap brand though, you're only asking for trouble.

Then we top with the salsa from the kit, tinned corn, shredded lettuce, tomato, capsicum, and sometimes avocado. Doesn't really get much easier than that.

Happy eating! :)

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