Friday, October 19

What I'm eating: creamy pasta bake

Shortly before I went vegan, a friend shared with me her easy pasta bake recipe: Continental packet side pasta, peas, corn, and bread crumbs. Unfortunately all of the packet side pastas have dairy in them. So I decided to create my own.

Loosely basing my method on the creamy fettuccine recipe, I made a creamy soy milk sauce to which I added salt and lots of pepper. I then combined this with the cooked pasta, peas, and corn, popped it in an oven dish and topped with bread crumbs. It looked delicious.

It also tasted delicious, though I want to experiment with dried yeast flakes or vegan cream cheese to try and give it a bit more of a cheesy flavour. It doesn't really need it though. I would post a recipe for this lovely meal but I got so wrapped up in my creation that I didn't really take much notice of things like how much soy milk I was using. Next time I'll take notice and post a recipe. For now, here's a picture to drool over. Mmm...

Happy eating :)

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