Friday, October 19

What I'm eating: maccas for breakfast

Today we went to McDonald's for breakfast. "McDonald's?!" you say? Yes, there is vegan food to be found there! I'm sure there are plenty of vegans that don't eat there because, let's face it, they're an evil corporation perpetuating the unethical treatment of animals, but so are most restaurants. I still go to restaurants, I just purchase their vegan options. So it is with McDonald's. Cheeseburgers with no meat and no cheese are a favourite of mine.

"So what did you eat?" I hear you asking. Two hash browns, two McMuffins with strawberry jam, and an 'orange juice' (I highly doubt the credibility of this claim). It was delicious and a nice treat. I have to say I never lost the childhood excitement of having McDonald's for breakfast!

Happy eating! :)

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