Wednesday, June 5

Everything Vegan and Freedom Hill Sanctuary

Yesterday my mum visited a newly opened vegan store called Everything Vegan. Located at 270 Wright Street, Everything Vegan is Adelaide's first all-vegan grocery store. Apparently it is amazing, mum came away with lots of goodies for me and I'm planning a visit there myself soon. A quick look at their facebook page has got me very excited indeed! These are the presents that my lovely mum bought me:

Tofutti 'Marry Me' chocolate covered vanilla ice-creams, Tofutti Flowers chocolate covered flower flavoured ice-creams, Linda McCartney Country Pies, Fabulous Fudge Factory Dairy Free Fudge, Lentilicious Lime Time lentil meal, Fresca Ocean scented deodorant, and both Maple flavoured and French Vanilla Spun Fairy Floss.

But wait, there's more! Upon talking to the owner of Everything Vegan, my mum discovered that she runs a farm animal sanctuary a la Edgar's Mission (which I mentioned in this post) called Freedom Hill Sanctuary (you can also find their facebook page here) which is located in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. Freedom Hill is the only farm animal sanctuary in South Australia and I cannot tell you how over the moon I am to have discovered it! I am so glad that places like these exist and since discovering Edgar's Mission, I had been wishing that there was a similar sanctuary here in South Australia. The sanctuary takes in abused and abandoned farm animals and their website shares the stories of the residents and how they came to be rescued. You can also donate money that goes towards animal care and vet bills, sponsor a sanctuary resident, or volunteer so if you think any of those things are things you might be interested in doing, please pop on over to their website.

But wait, there's EVEN MORE! I quick little wander in the realm of the Internet also informed me that the VERY SAME PEOPLE run Vegan Online, an online vegan grocery store that I have made many a purchase from and blogged about previously.


Happy eating (and shopping)! :)

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