Sunday, June 2

What I'm eating: Leda gingernut biscuits

Once a week I go and visit the family pets that I left behind at my mum's house when I moved out. Though I have my lovely mice, Calvin and Alex, at my house, I miss my other pets a lot. However, it was better for them to all stay together with the rest of the family, and besides, we can't have cats or dogs in our rental property. Anyway, so once a week I go to my mum's house and take the dogs for a walk and sit down with the cats for a while and give them all a big pat.

The other day when I went there, it was such a lovely afternoon that I made a cup of tea and sat in the back garden. My mum had bought some Leda Ginger Nut Biscuits and left them out for me, so I had some of them as well. I hadn't had a ginger nut in years and I'd forgotten how great they are, especially when dipped in tea! Surprisingly, one of my cats loved them too! He tried to steal them off my plate and then when I gave him a little bit to show him that he wouldn't like it, he wolfed it up and tried to steal more.

So I highly recommend having a few Leda Ginger Nut Biscuits with your next cup of tea, though perhaps make sure there are no cats nearby.

Happy eating!

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