Sunday, September 30

A very interesting read

At uni the other day, while looking for a completely different book, I came across Issues in Society: Vegetarianism. I flicked through and it looked interesting so I borrowed it for Jeff to read (I get angry with him for not caring about animal welfare, he gets angry with me for trying to make him care. That doesn't stop me from trying though! Chisel and a stone...).

I think that this is a great book for someone thinking of becoming veg*n, interested in knowing more about veg*nism, or someone trying to nudge someone else into either of the first two categories (i.e. me). This book is part of a large series (it is volume 339!) and the blurb describes the series like this:

"Issues in Society is an invaluable series of books which contain previously published information sourced from newspapers, magazines, journals, government reports, surveys, websites and lobby group literature. The series offers up-to-date, diverse information about the social issues shaping our changing world. Each book explores a range of facts and opinions, providing the reader with a concise overview of the topic."

There are so many other interesting titles in this series so I'm sure there's something for everyone but I think that everyone should start with this one! It was only published this year as well so it's really up-to-date. See if your local library has it or buy it online. Here are the details:

Healey, J (ed) 2012, Issues in Society: Vegetarianism, Spinney Press, New South Wales.

Happy eating! (and reading!) :)

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