Sunday, September 23

New addition - 'What I'm Eating'

I was looking through all the blog posts, doing some renovating, and I noticed that the food diary entries were suprisingly popular. Maybe people were finding them a good way to get some cooking inspiration, or maybe they were just nosy.

Either way, they were popular and this got me thinking, now that I have ended the food diaries, is the blog failing to satisfy this need in my readers? Maybe recipes aren't enough, they're not as frequent as the food diary entries were because I just simply don't make new food that often. Recipes for most of the food I make has already been posted. However, I just don't have the time for food diaries at the moment; I currently work over 50 hours a week with two jobs and university study. Plus, there's only so many times you can be interested in vegemite on toast isn't there?

For these reasons, I have decided to start a new post label (or tag), 'What I'm Eating'. Posts under this label will show food that I'm currently making, eating, and enjoying, but won't show every single thing I eat in a day. Posts will not be daily but should be more frequent than new recipe posts. I'll also be able to post the same food more than once, unlike in the recipe section where each meal is only posted once.

So, dear readers, I hope that this addition satisfies your inspiration/nosiness yearning. I'm sure that it will satisfy my yearning to share with you all.

Happy eating! :)

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