Sunday, September 23

Bryan Danielson and my PETA Vegan College Cookbook

As I was going through old posts this morning, I realised that I never blogged about a certain exciting thing!

Jeff, my partner, went to the US in April this year to go to WWE's Wrestlemania (we're both big wrestling fans). I wasn't able to go though, we won't go into the whys, wherefores, and how it came about that he went by himself as it's still a sore point for me! So when he was packing his bags and collecting things from around the house that he wanted to get signed, I gave him my PETA Vegan College Cookbook and asked him to get vegan wrestler and, at the time, current World Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Danielson - or Daniel Bryan as he's billed by WWE - to sign it.

Guess what? He did! This is how it went:

Jeff goes up to the signing table and puts down the book.
Bryan Danielson: Now that's what I'm talking about!
Both Laugh.
Byran Danielson signs the book.
Bryan Danielson: So are you vegan?
Jeff: No I'm not but my partner is
Bryan Danielson: Right on
They have their photo taken together.
Bryan Danielson: Tell her to keep up the good work!

My cookbook today:

Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan:

And that's the story of how my cookbook got touched and signed by a world famous vegan.

Happy Eating!

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