Monday, July 29

What I'm eating: Godzilla's BBQ chicken pizza

For those living in Adelaide, there is a fantastic take-away pizza place on Brighton Road called Godzilla Pizza. You can read more about them in Places I Love to Eat in Adelaide but basically they are a pizza bar where any pizza can be made vegetarian or vegan. They also have vegan desserts that I have yet to try.

Well, the other night Jeff and I went to Jeff's parents' house for dinner, only to remember that dinner had been cancelled. Despite being on a tight budget at the moment, we decided to treat ourselves by going to Godzilla anyway. Normally I get a vegan Supreme or Meatlovers pizza (ironic, I know!) but this time I decided to be adventurous and try something different so I got a BBQ Chicken pizza.

Well, as usual it was lovely! I ate the whole thing in one sitting! So if you're in Adelaide, I highly recommend you get yourself a tasty Godzilla pizza!

Happy eating! :)

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