Monday, July 1

What I'm eating: Tofutti cuties!

Tofutti sure do come up with some strange names for their ice-creams. So far I've had Flowers, Marry Me, and now Cuties. So what are Cuties? They are vegan ice-cream sandwiches. They are delicious. They also are actually quite cute because they are quite small. Naww, baby ice-cream sandwich!

*Ahem* anyway, my mum bought us a box during her recent visit to Everything Vegan and, in less than a week, they have all disappeared. The ones she got us were mint choc chip flavour but the Tofutti website tells me that they also come in vanilla, chocolate, cookies n cream, key lime pie, totally vanilla, and wild berry. Mmm... I think I have a lot more research to conduct on this product...

Happy eating! :)

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  1. They look yummy and cute, will have to find them somewhere :)


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