Monday, July 8

What I'm eating: Nutella for grown-ups

I have a confession to make. One of my favourite past-times is eating Nutella straight out of the jar with a spoon. I'm somewhat of an addict. However, Nutella contains milk, so I stopped partaking in this guilty pleasure when I became vegan. However, I'm now back on the Nutella and I'll tell you why!

Another of my mum's fantastic purchases from Everything Vegan was Rawtella, raw vegan Nutella. It is amazing. It is addictive. It is almost all gone.

My partner Jeff and I have been calling Rawtella 'Nutella for grown-ups' because it has a much more sophisticated taste than Nutella. Slightly more bitter, slightly more complex, with a fantastic natural nutty taste. I would liken the experience to going from eating cheap, mass produced Cadbury family blocks to eating high quality, silky smooth, small-scale handcrafted chocolate. All I can say is, phwoar!

If you live outside the Adelaide area and would like to nab yourself some or you live in Adelaide but have a fear of leaving your house (that's ok, I don't judge) you can purchase a jar of chocolate-hazelnut heaven online through Everything Vegan's virtual store, Vegan Online.

Happy eating! :)

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