Monday, July 1

What I'm eating: Tofutti cheese slices on toast

Recently my mum went to her new favourite shop, Everything Vegan on Wright Street in the city (which I have still yet to visit!) and bought me a whole bunch of goodies. Among them was a packet of Tofutti cheese slices, which is basically your typical individually wrapped 'plastic cheese' except vegan.

While I don't like them just on their own, I have had them in sandwiches and they were very nice. However, I then used them to make some cheese and vegemite on toast. Oh my god, they melt so well and are so delicious! I actually can't get enough of this lately. The texture is great, unlike any other soy cheese I have tried on toast under the grill, and it melts properly - with bubbles and everything. I highly recommend trying them!

PS. If you don't live elsewhere in Australia (i.e. not in Adelaide) then you can still shop at Everything Vegan, go to their webstore Vegan Online. I have shopped there before the physical store was opened in the city and they have always been great.

Happy eating! :)

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