Sunday, December 23

Avocado Pasta Recipe

I absolutely love avocado and can't get enough of it lately. I invented this meal after intending to have avocado on toast for dinner, only to find that Jeff had eaten the last of the bread. This meal is so cheap and easy it's ridiculous. Perfect for those times when money's tight and the pantry's looking very bare, as was the case when I first made this!

Serves 2

1 ripe avocado
Olive oil
Salt and cracked pepper to taste
Enough cooked pasta for 2 people

1. While the pasta is cooking, dice the avocado.

2. Drain pasta and return to saucepan. Mix in olive oil bit by bit until pasta is thoroughly coated but not too oily.

3. Mix in avocado and season with salt and cracked pepper to taste (I like to have lots of pepper).

Happy eating! :)

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