Sunday, December 23

What I'm eating: on the deliciousness of lentil pies...

Something I absolutely love are the lentil pies from Mayfair Bakery. Unfortunately, I think this is something you can only enjoy if you live in South Australia as I don't believe that Mayfair operates anywhere else. Anyway, I'm sharing this anyway to tell you that a) if you live in South Australia, go get one! And b) if you don't, then drool and be jealous.

These lentil pies are everything a pie should be: crunchy on the outside, well balanced in the gravy department, and lacking in the dodgy low-grade meat. Containing good ol' legumes, soy protein, onion, and gravy, these pies are heaven on earth. And they are entirely vegan.

My mouth is watering.

I think I need a pie.

Happy eating! :)

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