Thursday, March 28

Cheater's sausage roll recipe

Until recently I worked at a child care centre; this recipe was shared with me by the chef there who made these sausage rolls for vegetarian children. I will never make (healthier) sausage rolls from scratch again. I have tested these on children myself and also on meat eaters and all agree that they are awesome!

The recipe uses regular Sanitarium vegetarian sausages, which I normally detest as they are rubbery and have a strange flavour, instead I always buy the fancier Sanitarium sausages. However, the cheap crappy sausages work wonderfully in this recipe! Do not use nice, fancy sausages as your sausage rolls will turn out horribly.

Serves as many as you like

Sanitarium vegetarian sausages
Frozen puff pastry (check the ingredients for butter)

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C (or whatever it says on your pastry packet)

2. Thaw pastry according to packet instructions.

3. Wrap sausages in pastry.

4. Bake until golden.

Happy eating! :)


  1. I’ve been looking for sausages for vegetarians for a long time. I’m always looking out or recipes that are good for vegetarians and I’m so glad that I stumbled on your post. I bet this can be the perfect dish for my parents and also a healthy, delicious meal for my kids. :)

    -Dione Nye-

  2. Thanks Dione, I hope you enjoy them :)

    While the regular, cheaper Sanitarium sausages are the ones to use for this recipe, if we're having sausages for a BBQ etc, then I buy the Sanitarium Rosemary and Sage ones, they also make lovely Sundried Tomato and Kalamata Olive sausages too. I get them from my local Coles in the refridgerated vegetarian section.

    Otherwise if you're looking for pre-made frozen sausage rolls I can recommend the Linda McCartney brand. You might have to get them online, The Cruelty Free Shop sells them as well as LOTS of other vegan/vegetarian food:

    Happy cooking! :)


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