Thursday, March 28

What I'm eating: a touching farewell present

I recently left my job in child care and one of my colleagues, who is himself moving toward a more animal-friendly diet, gave me a very thoughtful farewell present. LINDA MCCARTNEY COUNTRY PIES! I have always bought them online and, being a poor student, have only had them as a special treat. My colleague has informed me though, that the Foodland on Glen Osmond Road, Frewville, sells them and many other Linda McCartney products! So if you're in Adelaide and want a box of tasty pies, you now know where to look!

Anyway, I was very touched by this lovely farewell present. As such, I ate the pies for dinner that night with chips and sauce, in front of the TV. The way a pie is supposed to be eaten.

Happy eating! :)

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