Friday, January 6

Can vegetarians and non-vegetarians ever live happily ever after?

Ok, so now that the first, heavy, posts are done, congratulations if you read them and now onto a slightly shorter one!

Here's a dilemma! What if you want to be vegetarian but your partner doesn't? Don't let it stop you I say! My partner, Jeff, is not vegetarian and it works well for us. It's all about negotiation and figuring out what's going to work for you.

As part of this blog, readers will see all of the food I eat each day, Jeff's diet is very similar to mine as we have the same dinner and we do not have any non-vegetarian food in our house. However, if we go out to eat, he will usually have something with meat in it. He also buys pies etc for lunch while at work. Having a non-vegetarian spouse is sometimes very difficult, it hurts me that he doesn't feel the same way I do about animal rights and ethics but I have to accept that I can't force him to experience the word as I do.

If he wants to become vegetarian, he has to come to that conclusion himself and for his own reasons. If you're in the same boat as me then I suggest you learn to accept the same thing! If a person is not committed to the cause then they're going to 'give in', not truly understand or care about what they're doing, or be able to give passionate arguments to others. For this reason, I encourage you to educate others, but don't try to 'convert' them.

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