Sunday, January 8

Saturday 7 January 2012

I've decided that the best way for this blog to work is if I post the food photographs of the previous day, that way I don't miss any late night snacks! So my journey begins with yesterday's tasty treats. I had a bit of a lazy day, mostly studying and watching TV, so I snacked all day rather than eating lunch.

Coles brand fruitless hot-cross buns with nuttelex and a cup of Art of Tea relaxation tea. I believe that Coles hot-cross buns are vegan but I threw out the packet!

Continental Four Cheeses Pasta and Sauce, mixed with peas, corn, and carrot.

Some Cadbury Bubbly chocolate.

A handful of grapes (vegan).

A piece of cafe-bought banana cake (which got squished in my bag!)

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