Saturday, January 21

Friday 20 January 2012

I spent almost the whole day working on an essay so I didn't eat much as I was too focused.

Uncle Toby's Honey Oats.

Eight Arnott's Original Cruskits made into four sandwiches with Nuttelex, Cheese, and Vegemite.

I was so exhausted after studying that Jeff made me dinner. And I was so brain dead that I forgot to take a photo! But I feel bad because I have been forgetting a lot lately. So here's a drawing of my Coles Organic Spaghetti with Leggos Stir Through Tomato and Garlic with Red Wine Sauce, accompanied by Coles Garlic Bread.
Ok so maybe the bowl wasn't that big and the bread wasn't that small, anyway, I never said it was a realistic drawing. This is a completely vegan meal as Coles Organic Spaghetti has no egg and Coles Garlic Bread uses margarine, not butter. Yay for Coles!

I had a handful of grapes to give me some energy while I was studying (vegan, obviously).

I also had a bowl of fleshly made fruit salad after coming home from a walk (vegan). We used granny smith apples, yellow nectarines, seedless red grapes, watermelon, and 'sweet melon' which actually tastes weirdly smokey, I don't recommend it. Then we squirted a bit of Berri Lemon Juice over the top so it will keep for a few days in the fridge without going brown. It was delicious and so cool and refreshing after a hot day.

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