Thursday, January 12

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Tip Top Raisin Toast with Nuttelex and a glass of breakfast juice (vegan).

Leftover curried baked beans and rice (vegan). Recipe can be found here. It reheats really well and tastes great because all the flavours have been soaking in overnight :)

I came home to a delicious dinner of burritos made by Jeff. He used an Old El Paso burrito kit but instead of minced meat, he cooked up some tins of 4 bean mix, a tin of chopped tomatoes, and the spices that come in the burrito kit. He had set out a little salad bar so that we could assemble our own burritos. There was mixed salad leaves, grated cheese, tinned corn, chopped capsicum, grated carrot, and the salsa that came with the burrito kit. Of course I had the lot! I had 2 burritos and they were so filling! Usually I use a tin of baked beans cooked with the burrito kit spices but Jeff made it so much better! I never would have thought of using 4 bean mix or tomatoes but it was great! I highly recommend it, it was delicious and much more filling. Then Jeff mixed up the leftover salad ingredients and took them to work today for lunch. Leave out the cheese and this is a vegan dinner.

A Weis' Triple Berry Sorbet Bar (vegan).

Poppin' Triple Butter Microwave Popcorn while watching the latest episode of WWE RAW (which, conversely, was awesome).

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