Thursday, January 19

Wednesday 18 January 2012

I was called up very early this morning and had to dash off to work so I do apologize for the lateness of this post, should have been up this morning but unfortunately I only just had time to shower and eat half a bowl of cereal before running out the door. So please accept my apologies, here it is now.

Again, I must apologize! After arranging my bagel with cream cheese and a glass of breakfast juice so that it would make a lovely photograph, I then ate it. Only afterwards did I realise I never photographed it! Very sorry, again.

More success this time! I had a half hour nap which accidentally went for 2.5 hours and then had to frantically study for an upcoming assignment. I was so absorbed in work that I only ate 3 Wholemeal Saladas with Vegemite, full of vitamin B12! (please see my previous post, Supplements?).

It was my nephew's birthday so we had dinner at my in-laws'. Dinner consisted of pumpkin and spinach quiche with potato salad, hard boiled eggs, beetroot, and a green salad.
Dessert was, of course, birthday cake. It was chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and I had it with vanilla ice-cream. However, I almost forgot to photograph it again! I don't know what happened to my brain yesterday! So yes, it doesn't look that appetising when it's half eaten, but it was very nice.

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