Sunday, January 15

Saturday 14 January 2012

Two slices of raisin toast with Nuttelex, a tub of Danone Strawberry Greek Style Yogurt, a white nectarine, and a glass of breakfast juice (replace dairy yogurt with non-dairy and you have a vegan breakfast).

Lunch at my local shopping centre food court. I had a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a pot of chamomile tea. Depending on the type of cheese used though, this may have had rennet in it and therefore is not vegetarian. It is very frustrating when eateries do not understand that cheese is often not vegetarian.

A delicious dinner of fried haloumi wraps. Haloumi is a type of cheese and you usually fry it. It is fried cheese, therefore it is amazing. I use Lemnos Haloumi Cheese because you can buy it at the supermarket and they use non-animal rennet. Don't be put off by the idea of frying cheese, it is really easy and haloumi doesn't melt all over the place like other cheeses would. It is also really yummy in a salad. You can find a recipe for fried haloumi wraps here.

A danish from Rhineland Bakery. Mmm.. :)

A Woolworths Fruitless Hot-Cross Bun (vegan). They are not so good cold, trust me.

Some more Blanxart 80% Cocoa Chocolate (vegan). There's not much left now!

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