Sunday, January 22

Fish sauce, get out of my life!

While writing my previous blog, I was going to include The Goods Fleurieu Fine Foods Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Dip which I tried at the Stirling Organic Market and Cafe and consequently bought because it was so delicious. Before I blogged about it, I checked the ingredients to see if it was vegan. IT HAS FISH SAUCE IN IT. Just like my longed-for dinner of Sun Rice Thai Vegetable Curry with Tofu and Jasmine Rice that was so cruelly snatched away from me last night because of fish sauce and shrimp paste, now the dip I was really looking forward to eating has fish sauce in it!

Fish sauce! Why do you have to be in everything?! All you do is add some saltiness anyway, you know what else can do that? SALT! Get out of my food and stop ruining my eating dreams!

Here is a picture of the dip. Don't buy it! Sneaky killers lurk within!

Happy eating :)

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