Friday, January 6

Welcome to So Do You Just, Like, Eat Salad? !!

So what's the story behind this blog? Well, So Do You Just, Like, Eat Salad? is an idea that I've been nursing for a while. After becoming vegetarian in early 2007, I was constantly annoyed by questions such as these that I received from ignorant people.

Try as I might, I just could not make people see that being vegetarian really doesn't mean a restriction of your diet! I've found that people seem to focus on what you don't eat rather than what you do (I choose the word don't rather than can't because vegetarianism is a choice. I choose not to eat flesh or animal products that are obtained by killing the animal, I'm not allergic to them). So many times I've had people say "Oh, you're vegetarian? I'll make a salad then" or "Well what can I cook then?". I find a similar problem in many restaurants where the 'vegetarian menu' consists of two choices which are invariably lasagna, quiche, risotto, or something involving antipasto. However, at least they are making an effort and things are slowly changing!

Luckily my mum was always very supportive of my choice and knew that no meat doesn't mean no life! Because of her and a few valuable cookbooks, I now have so many meal ideas that it's sometimes hard to decide what to make! Through So Do You Just, Like, Eat Salad? I hope to share some of my favourite recipes for fellow vegetarians and vegans, people thinking of becoming vegetarian or vegan, and people who want to cook for a vegetarian or vegan but don't know what to make. Most of the things I eat are quick, easy, and cheap, and most of them are pretty obvious once you think about it, beans on toast anyone?

Also, I want to post photographs of everything I eat. This will be somewhat of an art project for me as well as being a great way to share ideas with others! I'm really excited by this project and was pretty greatly inspired by the work of Dawn Tan, who weighed and painted everything she ate. The catalyst for this blog's creation, however, was my friend Kahla who said I want to be vegetarian but I don't know what to eat!

This blog will provide ideas, food for thought, information, discussion, and help to dispel some of the myths out there! So tune in, enjoy, learn, and most importantly, eat!

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