Sunday, January 22

Saturday 21 January 2012

Fruit salad (vegan).

I don't know if you would really call it lunch, it was more a 1pm snack so that I didn't pass out in the car driving into the hills with Mum for a walk and afternoon tea. I really need to stop myself when I'm getting really into something and make myself eat, in this case Wii Fit. Anyway, I had Nuttelex and Vegemite on toast (vegan).

I was looking forward to a quick and easy microwave meal in the form of Sun Rice Thai Vegetable Curry. I looked at the ingredients to see if it was vegan for the purposes of this blog and found that it contains fish sauce and shrimp paste! This goes to show that even after 5 years of being vegetarian, you still can't always pick which products are going to have sneaky killers in them, even those that look so vegetarian like this one. The moral of this story is, check your labels. I now paid money for food I won't eat. Take a look at this packet, and avoid it.

After the sad experience of having my much awaited dinner snatched away by sea-kitten killers, I had a bit of difficulty thinking of an alternative, missing ingredients, not enough time, etc. I finally settled to try two things I've never had before. One was some sort of quick cook quinoa lime and thyme flavoured side dish that I got from Coles (threw the packet in the bin, next time I'll let you know the brand), and the other was The Redwood Co Gourmet Meat Free Fish Style Fingers which I got from The Organic Market and Cafe at Stirling. I had these with a very boring green salad that consisted of mixed lettuce and cucumber. However, it was a very tasty dinner. I'm still undecided as to whether I liked the lime and thyme quinoa side dish or not, I think I will need another tasting. The 'fish fingers' didn't taste like fish, they tasted more like Fry's Vegetarian Crumbed Schnitzels but had the flaky texture of fish. They were pretty tasty. This meal was vegan :)

We had afternoon tea at The Organic Market and Cafe in Stirling which is an awesome shop. They sell lots of vegan groceries, cakes, pasties etc as well as lots of free-from foods. And, of course, everything is organic. The shop consists of a fruit and vegetable section, grocery section, and cafe. The grocery section is great and has lots of tubs and barrels full of different flours, legumes, etc and you can make your own peanut butter there. They also sell organic alcohol. However, they do sell meat, dairy, etc as well so some people may not like that. At the cafe I had a chocolate fudge brownie that had icing sugar on the top, and a pot of jasmine tea. I was so caught up in the atmosphere of such a lovely day though that I forgot to take a photo so instead, here is another of my artistic drawings.

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