Friday, January 13

Thursday 12 January 2012

I went to uni to study in the library all day today so I brought lots of snacks to munch on to keep myself going. Then I got home and whipped up some great salads for dinner before going out to do the grocery shopping.

Uncle Toby's Honey Oats with a cup of Higher Living Evening Tea (even though it was the morning!).

Lunch consisted of all day snacking while in the library. I had Ajitas Vege Crisps which can be purchased in the health food section of the supermarket. They are delicious and these ones were a new flavour, garlic and rosemary. The chips are made from purple and orange sweet potato, and taro. They are vegan.

I also had some cashews, dried apricots, and prunes (vegan).

I put these in a set of awesome little snack containers by Nude Food Movers, if you don't have any I highly recommend you get some. They screw or unscrew on top of each other so you can have as many or as few stacked up as you want. They are so handy and mean that you don't have to create any rubbish.

I also had some Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

and a Leda Triple Berry Fruit Bar (vegan).

For dinner I made a delicious warm potato salad and a carrot and walnut salad which I had with a Fry's Vegetarian Schnitzel. Jeff had a Quorn Cheese and Spinach Schnitzel, I don't like them because I think they taste like chicken which makes me feel sick, but Jeff does. Both of these schnitzels are vegan and all Quorn products are soy free.

While shopping, I had a Wendy's Sherbet Cone.

When I got home, I had a Woolworths Fruitless Hot-Cross Bun (with nuttelex) and a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea. The hot-cross buns are vegan. Though they do have a warning that the buns may contain traces of egg or milk, I think this is just to cover themselves from litigation.

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