Saturday, April 21

Friday 20 April 2012

I was in such a rush to get to work that I didn't take any photos! I had Kelloggs Sultana Bran with soy milk.

As I said, I was in a rush to get to work. I had a tin of dolmades that I got from the supermarket and a big container full of grapes.

We went out for dinner at Pure Vegetarian, located in the central markets. Despite its name, the place is actually vegan and serves yummy and really cheap Asian food. I also love the atmosphere of the markets on a Friday night. I had the 3 choices meal: rice/noodles (of which there are two choices of each), 3 choices of main, and a free soy drink (warm or cold), for only $8.20! I chose rice noodles with fish, sweet and sour gluten, and a tofu and bean dish. I also had a spring roll. The soy drink was delicious and so creamy! I had mine cold.

The actual reason we went to eat at Pure Vegetarian though, was because of their amazingly awesome and delicious sago pudding. It's only $3.20 and I recommend you eat in rather than take away because then you get this to-die-for sweet syrup and coconut cream poured on the top. Don't be alarmed by the glow-in-the-dark appearance, just eat it and experience heaven. This was Jeff's first time at Pure Vegetarian and he loved the sago pudding too. They also do a black sticky rice pudding which is really nice.

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