Monday, April 23

Sunday 22 April 2012

A toasted poppy seed bagel with Nuttelex and apricot jam.

A slice of toast with Cheezly Edam Style cheese. I thought I'd give the number 1 brand of vegan cheese another go, maybe it's better melted? Maybe it tastes better and has less of a grainy, pasty texture? It was awesome! This cheese is definitely meant to be melted! It's flavour was fuller, more nutty, and scrumptious. Still a very mild flavour though so I think it works better on something plain like toast rather than on something with other flavours that would easily overpower it. It melted and bubbled just like dairy cheese and though it was still kind of paste-like it was much more enjoyable because it was 'melted'. If it was still grainy, I couldn't tell because of the toast. Verdict: vegan cheese, made for melting, not for biscuits. Can't wait to try the super-melting mozzarella on a pizza!

Honey soy stir fry made using a Coles stir fry mix and my homemade Best Honey Soy Sauce, honey-free of course, and rice. Very delicious and, I like to think, very healthy.

A whole packet of Bonvita Rice Milk Chocolate bunnies. They were so silky I just couldn't stop!

One little Sweet William chocolate bar. Well, it always starts with one anyway...

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