Friday, April 20

Thursday 19 April 2012

Kelloggs Sultana Bran with soy milk.

Some grapes, 4 salada sandwiches with Nuttelex and marmite, an Aribar, a Leda bar, and a tub of peaches in mango puree.

A foot long veggie delight sub on multigrain bread from subway. On it I had lettuce, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, carrot, salt and pepper.

I also had a medium fries from McDonald's.

Some chocolate chip cookie dough (which was more like a batter!) from a batch of cookies we were making for a friend of mine.

A glass of soy milk and some of the broken pieces of cookie that we created before we realised that a) we should have listened to the recipe and bought baking paper, and b) the problem could be solved with canola spray. They were delicious though and the recipe can be found here, just make sure you use baking paper!

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