Sunday, April 22

Saturday 21 April 2012

A toasted poppy seed bagel with Nuttelex and strawberry jam, and a mug of Vitasoy Soy Milky chocolate milk (best chocolate milk EVER!).

Macro Wholefoods Organic Quick Oats with coconut and brown sugar. When I mixed the oats and the water together, I also mixed in some dessicated coconut. Then I microwaved it until it was cooked, stirred in a bit of soy milk and some brown sugar and voila! This was soooo yummy!

Spinach, tomatoes, and chickpeas with rice.

Some Arnott's Jatz with Maggie Beer Spiced Pear Paste.

A nut mix composed of raw almonds, raw cashews, and dried cranberries. I ate about 120g! I couldn't stop!

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