Saturday, April 7

Thursday 5 April 2012

Day 42 of vegan challenge.

I bought some marmite, imported from England, when I went shopping. I tried some on toast with Nuttelex. I only spread a little bit on because I thought the flavour would be quite strong. However, I found the taste a lot milder than Vegemite. Also, rather than being a thick paste like Vegemite (as I had expected), it was more like a syrup. It was quite pleasant in taste but the flavour is so mild that I think you'd have to use a lot to really taste it. I'll put more on next time and see how it is. Unlike Vegemite, marmite has vitamin B12. This is why I bought it. Vegan sources of vitamin B12 are fortified soy milk, tofu, and cereals. However, I don't really like tofu, fortified cereals that don't also have honey in them were hard to find/gross, and I don't think I really drink enough soy milk to be getting enough vitamin B12. So I bought marmite to add a bit more B12 to my diet. I'll see how I go.

I only had one slice of white bread to put my marmite on so I also had a bowl of Uncle Toby's Plus Omega 3 cereal.

Leftover sausage and bean bake from the night before.

It was my sister's birthday and we had pizza and cake at my mum's house. Mum had a pizza (a HUGE pizza!) catered for me by Tasty Goodness. Tasty Goodness is owned by Pixie, an old work colleague of my mum's. I believe all the food is vegan, though I might be wrong and some is only vegetarian. Some of the food is also gluten free. Tasty Goodness is often at the Gilles Street Markets, and Pixie also does catering large and small, and cooking classes. All her food is great! Here is an article written at the end of last year about the market stall. You should all go check it out! So affordable and delicious!

My mum also made me some vegan chocolate cupcakes from scratch. Mmm they were so good!

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