Thursday, April 19

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Macro Wholefoods, read 'Woolworths', organic quick oats (which are not as nice as the Freedom Foods ones but they are cheaper) with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Pasta with a supermarket bought sauce that Jeff made for me.

Burritos made using a burrito kit. We used baked beans and poured the seasoning sachet into that, then cooked off some of the liquid. In my burrito I had beans, capsicum, tomato, corn, lettuce, salsa, and Cheezly Edam Style cheese. I have to say the vegan cheese was, yet again, a let down. Though you could grate it, its texture was actually more like a paste and it felt grainy in my mouth. Also, it really didn't add anything to the meal flavour-wise. I am overall underwhelmed by what is regarded as the best vegan cheese brand. I have a super melting mozzarella still to try so maybe that will be better. Hopefully.

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