Thursday, April 19

In sickness and in health

Hello everyone!

I apologise for my absence, I've been quite sick with a stress related digestive problem that I have, which leads me to the topic of this post: vegan foods to nurse you back to health when you feel nauseous.

At first, I ate only Heinz tomato soup. I tried eating toast but it made me sick so I stuck to just the plain soup. After a few meals of that, I started eating plain quick oats porridge made with water. After a couple of days of eating only tomato soup and porridge, I started adding milk and golden syrup to my porridge, drinking watered down juice, and for dinner had equal portions of boiled rice and boiled red lentils all mixed up with a bit of salt. I have to say that this was actually delicious and I should make it more often! I had this rice and lentil mixture the next day for lunch and that night I had veggie mash. I'm now recovered and able to eat everything again! Yay!

So if you ever feel sick, try eating some of those foods, they were just what I needed!

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