Tuesday, February 28

Monday 27 February 2012

Day 5 of vegan challenge.

Tip Top Fruit Toast with Nuttelex and a glass of breakfast juice.

Pasta with homemade sauce which was made with a tin of tomatoes, a carrot, an onion, a garlic clove, teaspoon of powdered Massel chicken stock, water, tomato sauce, red wine, salt and pepper.

Baked potato with Nuttelex, red capsicum, tinned corn, tinned pineapple, and Masterfoods Bacon Flavoured Chips.

A LOT of choc chip biscuits that me and Jeff made.
 We used a Coles packet mix that we had in the pantry and left out the packet of chocolate pieces that came with it. I would never buy this product as a vegan because the money supports a product that contains milk but as it was already in the house I decided it was ok as long as we left the chocolate out. We replaced it with Sweet William vegan chocolate chips and used egg replacer and soy milk. They were great and we ate them all in one day.

Sanitarium So Good Chocolate Ice-cream with Sweet William chocolate chips and Cottees chocolate topping. Mmm... chocalicious.

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