Friday, February 24

Thursday 23 February 2012

This was the first day of the Lent Vegan Challenge and may I say it was a day of mighty good eatin'!

Kelloggs Sustain with Sanitarium So Good Soy milk and a glass of breakfast juice.

Homemade cold rolls, an apple, Goulburn Valley peaches in mango puree, and a chocolate Aribar (like LCMs).

Let's get a close up of those cold rolls because they were awesome. So easy to make yet they look so fancy, especially that one on the bottom left which looks very artistic (that's the look I was going for with the others too but, you know...). Inside they had a little bit of flat leaf parsley, 1/6 of an avocado each, grated carrot, cucumber cut into tiny little sticks, and finely chopped lettuce.

Dinner at Burp Burrito in the city. I had a vegan burrito and a Bundaberg ginger beer. The burrito had rice, capsicum, 2 kinds of beans, mild salsa, fresh tomato, corn, guacamole, and lettuce. Also a plus, all meals at Burp are customizable and vegetarian and vegan meals are cheaper than ones with meat! Yay for saving money but getting the same amount of food!

When I got home it was time for some Sanitarium So Good Soy chocolate ice-cream before bed. Mmmm. I don't think the rest of this will last long!

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