Monday, February 20

Sunday 19 February 2012

I experimented and invented a sweet risotto using the pea and lemon risotto recipe as a guide as to how much liquid (milk) to how much rice. I halved the recipe and used 2 tbsp brown sugar, 2 tbsp caster sugar, and a good sprinkle of ground cinnamon. It was very nice but very filling and sweet. It would be good with stewed fruit in it.

A Villis Vegetarian pasty with a salad of celery, carrot, and corn.

Bulla Cookies and Cream Ice-cream

After writing this post I decided I was going to try the vegan cheese that has been sitting in my fridge for a long time. It didn't make me feel like vomiting but I still can't say it was plesant. The texture wasn't appealing. This was a soy-free one so maybe I should try a soy one? I don't know, eating a lump of processed soy just seems really gross to me. How will I be vegan without a cheese substitute though? It's the dairy that is really holding me back because I've tried and tried vegan alternatives and I find them all disgusting.

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