Monday, February 20

Saturday 18 February 2012

No breakfast, just lots of....

The rest of my The Yoghurt Shop honeycomb yoghurt.

An orange.

Some Cadbury Chocolate Bubbly

Minestrone soup with Helga's Wholegrain Sandwich Thins with Nuttelex (vegan). I have no idea why I can't turn this picture around, I couldn't yesterday either. Oh well, you'll just have to look at things from a different perspective.

Night-time shenanigans
A friend invited me over for a drink at her place with a few other friends. My raw vegan friend Mia, made us a great salad of mushroom, tomato, corn, cucumber, lime juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. She has a facebook group, Vibrantly Raw Recipes by Mia, if you want to check out some of her yummy and healthy recipes. I had 4 bowls of this salad.

I also had some Smith's Thins Original chips at 2am (vegan).

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